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Smoke out lookin to hangout with an attractive woman and smoke some weed. Beautiful, classy lady in blue white dress m4w To the very beautiful, Attention Meaford sluts lady wearing a blue white dress (short style hair cut) shopping Meafofd Sam's Club on S.

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City: Pittsburgh, PA
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Attentiob definition. Attention Meaford sluts attention slut runs from person to person in attempt to satisfy a deep need for attention that they can never fulfill. It doesn't really matter who they get attention from, just as long as they get lots of it.

They don't normally enjoy attention from one single person for very long and Attention Meaford sluts seek attention from as many people as they possibly can in any Attemtion day. Often brags about how Attention Meaford sluts people they got attention from and purposely sets goals to establish new records that are realistically unattainable.

This helps the attention slut reinforce how shitty they feel about themselves. Wow, for someone who has so much attentionCarla is really hard on herself.

I think she might be an attention slut. Bear Athabasca November 18, Attention Slut unknown.

A person who, whole-heartedly, believes they're the centre Attention Meaford sluts the universe and will do anything to slut their way into everyones conversation 2. To become the scum on the shoe that you see once and know about forever.

Attention-sluts are notorious for believing they are the centre of the universe and if they feel that the gravity of their ego is slipping, they will do anything to keep everything about them. They've been known to dismiss Attention Meaford sluts people for themselves and bitch about Attention Meaford sluts most inane shit just to be a focal point of a conversation Pronounced 'attention slut'.

Similar to attention whore, but more aggressive and slimey. Man, Luxey was being such an attention slut today!

He poured drinks on himself just to have people look at him. That guy was just talking about how he got buttpwned the other day. He's such Attention Meaford sluts attention slut.

Someone who enjoys receiving or giving attention without regard for the level of long term commitment from the other person.

Haven't you ever met an Attention Slut before? Big Slick Original Attention Meaford sluts Wetter than an otter's Attention Meaford sluts FriYAY Sugared Wiff Waff Lowey Shading Fasters

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