David Dummitt


Dave Dummitt is the lead pastor of 2|42 Community Church, ranked by Outreach Magazine for 3 years in a row as one of the top 20 fastest-growing churches in America. As one of the core members of the original launch team, Dave has played an integral part in keeping the mission and vision of 2|42 in focus - “helping people take next steps with God”. Under Dave’s leadership over the last ten years, 2|42 has grown from a 40-member launch team to over 6,000 people meeting at 3 different campuses each weekend. 

As an innovative missional community known for its creativity and passion to serve its cities, 2|42 has become a magnet for new and curious people. Dave’s commitment to training and replication has allowed the church’s organizational structure to increase in direct proportion to its growth. In addition, by encouraging his staff to take God’s mission seriously, but not themselves too seriously, Dave has provided an environment where people think big and think outside the box. This has led to the opening of a 95,000-square-foot community center in Brighton, MI, complete with an indoor basketball court and soccer field, 3-story playscape, a preschool, a cafe, and a school for the arts. 2|42 has become a church open 24/7.

Dave has a BA in Bible and Theology from Wheaton College; is the Executive Director of Missional Businesses Inc., a non-profit holding group helping churches start missional businesses to reach their community; serves on the leadership team for the NewThing Network; and sits on the board of directors for the Solomon Foundation, a church extension fund. He lives with his wife of 20 years, Rachel, and their three awesome kids in Howell, MI.  

Brad Tate

Brad Tate joined the 2|42 team as the director of student ministries in 2006 and quickly transitioned into his current position as teaching pastor. Brad has an infectious passion for the Bible. He delivers relevant messages - engaging listeners and encouraging them to act on God’s word. His desire is to equip and train the next generation, giving them tools for discipleship. To that end, Brad is also active in leadership training.

While 2|42 is his home base, Brad has had the privilege of speaking at both small and large conferences, camps, and events across the country and internationally. His dedication to students remains. Using humor, he connects with today’s youth, presenting God’s truth in a straightforward and transparent way.

Brad holds a BS from Cincinnati Bible College and is a contributing author on the Collaborate series of books published by Minters Label Publishing. He lives with his wife, Lindsay, his dreadlocks, and two young daughters in Howell, MI.

Kevin Davis

The addition of Kevin Davis to the team of 2|42 in 2009 was inevitable. With his passion for people and communicating God’s word, he filled the need on staff as a small groups pastor. Taking advantage of 2|42’s commitment to training and multiplication, Kevin transitioned to the role of campus pastor in 2009 with the then newly launched campus in Ann Arbor. Not deterred by the perceived unreceptive nature of Ann Arborites to religion, Kevin embraced the challenge and moved with his wife, Julie, and their 3 sons to the college town. 

With Kevin’s dedication and drive to improve the overall church experience, the Ann Arbor church, which used to fit inside two trailers and meet at a local hotel, has grown from a weekly attendance of 200 to over 1,300 worshippers. They are bursting at the seams at their current location, and plan to open a community center similar to the one in Brighton in the Fall of 2016.

More recently, Kevin has taken on the role of teaching pastor. His down-to-earth speaking style is captivating. His humility makes him approachable. Kevin earned a BA in Pastoral Ministries and Bible and has an honorary degree in People.

Eric Rauch

Eric joined the 2|42 team after an unforeseen call into ministry.  He took on a part-time role in the kid’s ministries in 2010 in addition to being a full-time engineer.   In 2012, he was lead into full-time ministry at 2|42 and changed careers.  A year later, Eric was brought onto the Executive Team at 2|42 as the Family Ministries Director overseeing Kids and Student Ministries.

Along with providing vision and organizational leadership to the Family Ministries, Eric also leads the expansion and design of 2|42’s facilities.  Having been a part of the design team for The Commons, his passion for creating unique family friendly spaces continues to engage the communities that 2|42 is called to.  Currently, he is facilitating three construction projects for 2|42 including an expansion of The Commons and a new community center at the Ann Arbor Campus.

Being a product of 2|42’s leadership development pipeline, Eric is passionate about seeing volunteers, leaders and staff reach their God-given potential to impact the world.  With a leadership style that seeks to provide clear and thoughtful ideas, he has helped create the systems and strategies that have allowed 2|42 to build healthy teams during rapid growth. 


Josh Yurich

Josh is a conduit, a strategist and an admirer of well-crafted experiences. He has been involved in ministry in the local church since the age of 13, where he forcefully overtook main-stage drumming duties, and 23 years later, he still hasn't let go :) He's been involved in lay-leadership roles wherever he's been, including worship and arts, leading high school small groups, changing diapers in nurseries and consulting on digital initiatives to help the church make greater impact while connecting in ways that resonate with today's culture.

In his corporate life, Josh has worked for some of the largest digital advertising and marketing agencies in the country, leading pitch teams for various initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. He helps organizations strategize and understand the best ways to embrace and leverage digital marketing, social media and the latest technology platforms not just to 'be cool', but to help truly solve problems. 

Josh and his wife (and soon-to-be five kids!) have been active members of 2|42 Community Church for over three years, and he is leading all things digital for 2|42 Collective. He thrives on creating value for organizations and is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to churches that may find themselves stuck or not sure what to do next.