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what we're doing

We're walking in your shoes.

2|42 Community Church is a12 year old church that has grown from 40 to over 6,000 worshippers weekly in 4 locations, and we're learning a lot along the way. 

We are a Team of practitioners doing ministry today, right now, in real time rather than just a collection of theorists who talk about ministry or used to do ministry.

From the importance of coaching and leadership development, to fostering a sense of community through small groups and teams in your church, to generosity strategies to fuel your mission, we are excited to share with you and your staff what we're learning and where we’re innovating, and help you take next steps on your journey to greater impact.

let's get


We'd love to speak with you, hear your story, and see how we can help.

"We returned to Champaign last night. Our staff was overwhelmed by this retreat - in a great way. The chance to hear from you, walk along side your team, and to hang out with them all - was a real treat. Our team was challenged, inspired and motivated. Your friendship is a great help and I am thankful to have you coach us. God’s best to you and yours."

 Danny Schaffner, Jr., First Christian Church



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Who we are

The Team.

We are led by Dave Dummitt, founding and lead pastor of 2|42 Community Church - an innovative, multi-site church located in Southeast Michigan, and one of the fastest growing churches in America four years running.

The formation of the 2|42 Collective stems from a desire to help other churches navigate the exceedingly difficult path towards explosive and sustainable growth. Read more about our team here.

Dave Dummitt, Lead Coach

Dave Dummitt came well prepared to take our staff team through a series of ‘vision casting’ and very practical ‘how to’ sessions to help us grow the Kingdom of God in Portland, Maine. The take-aways for our team have moved us to being better prepared to welcome and manage future growth. I highly encourage and recommend Dave and 2|42 Collective to coach or help lead in God’s vision for expanding His Kingdom through the local church.
— Scott Taube, Lead Pastor- Eastpointe Christian Church


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How we do it

The Process.

Our engagement model is less about you hearing from our team and more about us, together, listening to God for what unique impact He is leading you to make in your context. Our process involves first, listening to you. We want to know who you are and what your story is so far.

After that, we share our story as well as connect you with additional resources to help you discern together with your team how God is calling you to take next steps.

Finally, we are available to help you and your team set strategic goals and coach you toward success. You can find out more about our services here.

I’m grateful to have Dave and the 2|42 Collective as coaches in church planting. They are great encouragers and people who listen. With Dave, he never comes off like he has it all figured out- yet at the same time, I never leave a conversation without something to consider or a step that needs to be taken.
— Travis Whittaker, Lead Pastor - Mile City Church



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